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Decsényi Katalin honlapkészítő

I am Katalin Decsenyi,

freelance website developer.

I am convinced that websites are successful and credible when they not only bring clients,but also express the mission and goals of the business or service, and if applicable, also introduces the owner's personality. I am using the tools of website creation to convey these messages as accurately as possible.

I have pursued several occupations in the past: musician, tour guide, and English teacher. I am able to apply all the skills and experiences from these professions in website creation. Most importantly I am genuinely interested in people, and in each of my professions I intend to offer them something valuable and provide assistance.

The challenge and fascination of the web development profession is that it brings me together with a wide variety of people and activities.

Last but not least, I consider it important to ensure the satisfaction of my clients, see my projects through, and launch the website.

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Website prices


120.000 Ft


700 USD

Tárhely és domain

How about webhosting and domain name?

Without these, your website cannot exist. However, I strongly advise against free hosting because no one takes responsibility for the security of your website there.

The cost of hosting and domain is not included in my offer.  But I will help you find the right provider and I will guide you through the brief process. The hosting service costs approximately 50 USD/year. It includes:

Finally: What will happen to the website if it's neglected?

The importance of maintenance

Long-term, the maintenance of your website is the most important! Over the past 20 years, several of my websites fell victim to this because no one told me about it back then...

Without regular maintenance unfortunately, even a website built on the most stable foundations and equipped with security settings will deteriorate.Besides, the content of the website also needs occasional updating, which will help it rank higher in search results. 

Maintenance is not included in the price.However, there are several solutions available (both free and paid) that you can choose from.

Honlapkészítés, webdesign

Frequently Asked Questions

A 50% advance payment is required upon signing the contract, and the remaining 50% upon website delivery.

Because I don't want to tie my clients to me forever! The hosting and domain costs are to be paid annually directly to the hosting provider. This way, you will still have access to your website even if the connection with the website creator is lost. 

A few months of neglect can likely still be fixed.. However, in many cases, it's cheaper and more practical to have a new website created since managing a website built on solid foundations is much simple in the long run.

I undertake regular maintenance and minor development at a reasonable price.

If, in the unlikely event, your website gets compromised, I can recommend an affordable professional to restore it. However, the cost of this would be your responsibility. 

You will find further details in the contract.

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