Does your new site meet your needs?
The new website meets my expectations very well, and I feel it will perform its task of presenting our company effectively. It was especially reassuring that we had multiple consultations during the process, which allowed the website to develop and take shape according to our needs.

Which is your favorite part of the website and why?
The HOMEPAGE, because it immediately caught my attention with its well-chosen images and layout, and I still like it. I hope that it will have a similar impact on other visitors of the website as well!

Who would you recommend to have a website created with me?
 To everybody! It was great working with you because you quickly understood our goals and brought many good foundational ideas. In addition to that, we coordinated again and again - easily and in a good atmosphere - and the website continued to evolve according to our needs until everything fell into place. Thank you for your patience and perseverance throughout this process.

2022 Január 20

Does your new site meet your needs?
Completely. I can introduce who I am and what I do. That's what I wanted for the site visitors to see.

Which is your favorite part of your website?
I don't have a favorite part, but I like that there are many images, recommendations are included in the text, and this way, it became very personal.

... I think you were very creative and patient. I really liked that, you accepted what I asked for, but you also dared to express your opinion, and you were never pushy. I really liked how you processed things on your own, found images that matched the materials I sent. Your enthusiasm was great, and it pushed me forward too. I had a lot of resistance or fear within me to show myself and it helped a lot that you didn't give up when I responded slowly or disappeared for weeks... So, thank you. 

Who would you recommend to have a website created with me?
Definitely to entrepreneurs like me, small businesses, and companies. I will definitely recommend you, if someone is looking for something like this.

March 5, 2022

Does your new site meet your needs?
I really like the website, I'm already thinking about the next one 🙂

Which is your favorite part of the website and why?
I like everything just the way it is, but the sexiest the dynamic text on the Hungarian page 🙂 Summing it up, the website is simple yet great, and it's exactly what I wanted.

What could have been better, what areas do I still need to improve in?
I think everything was great. Maybe the speed could have been faster, but often I influenced that by slowing down and didn't respond your questions in time.

Who would you recommend to have a website created with me?
Anyone, everyone who wants a clear, modern, WordPress-based website. It was great that you always responded calmly and patiently to everything, and you always sought solutions, for every emerging question/request.

July 25, 2022

Kind, lovely, helpful, cooperative Katalin. I am very satisfied. Thank you very much for your work. I would recommend you to anyone who asks who created my website.

October 19, 2022

I needed the website so that it could briefly present my activities.
It turned out better than I expected. Kati helped a lot in giving concise form to the ideas. We worked together in a great atmosphere, and her support meant a lot during the work.
I really like the pictures and the color scheme which we selected with patience, considering numerous options.The website consists of multiple pages, and the breath training is my favorite.
The details of the work became clearer to me over time. The phrasing and texts can still be improved.
Kati didn't just manually create the website, but also was thinking together with me, and provided ideas to assist in shaping it. I recommend her to anyone looking for a well-designed presentation.

November 20, 2022

How well does the completed website meet your needs? It's completely appropriate; we've managed to achieve what we envisioned in terms of both appearance and content, and we even received a lot of helpful tips during the planning process.
We created a website for the dental practice. I like the Services page the most, especially its colors and layout.
Who would you recommend to have a website created with me? Accommodations (based on one of my reference works), clinics based on my own experience, but fundamentally I would gladly recommend it to anyone.

January 4, 2023

The Best Budapest Tour Guides website was created so that Hungarian tour guides could establish direct contact with their clients.

In the past, tours could only be sold through travel agencies, so the job opportunities for freelance tour guides depended solely on Hungarian travel agencies. Websites for guides and tours like this one have put an end to this subordinate relationship

Through the Best Budapest Tour Guides website, Hungarian tour guides offer their tours. Guests can directly correspond with the tour guide to plan their visit, receiving a personalized quote.

The Best Budapest Tour Guides website represents hundreds of Hungarian tourist guides. Upon request, we provide thematic tours in any language tailored to the guest's interests and needs, such as cycling, wine tasting, child-friendly, or religious-themed tours.

A BEST BUDAPEST TOUR GUIDES honlap nyelve angol.

The Canadian JEAN-LUC PLOURDE is a member and artistic director of the Arthur Leblanc String Quartet. He has been the organizer for 10 years of the concert series: SINE NOMINE DU QUEBECThey needed a website where not only the concerts for the upcoming year could be viewed but also the data of the past 10 years, including programs, performers, concert reviews, photos, and recordings.

The concerts are continuously being uploaded. The website is, of course, connected to the concert series' Facebook page, and thus it generates increasing traffic.

The SINE NOMINE DU QUEBEC website is available in both French and English languages.

Does your new site meet your needs? This website was created with a dual purpose. Firstly, to showcase the work of our father, Draskóczy László. Secondly, to make his body of work accessible and searchable. We knew that this was a significant task and that achieving 100% completion in one go was not possible. Therefore, the initial goal was to create a platform where, over the course of 3-4 years, discovered works, completed sheet music, and links to recordings could be added. I believe not only has this goal been achieved, but we have also moved forward. Nearly all of D.L.'s musical compositions are already featured on the website, and the groundwork for expansion has been laid.

Which is your favorite part of the website and why? There are two main sections. The first is the "biography," which serves as the homepage and is the most personal. However, the most exciting part is undoubtedly the "works" page, as it encompasses sheet music, manuscripts, recordings, and data. We put the most effort into this section. You extracted everything we needed for your work very kindly, making this page truly user-friendly.

How effective was our collaboration? Very much! (5)

What could have been better, what areas do I still need to improve in? It's very difficult to say because you were so flexible; we could discuss everything. So, if something didn't turn out as expected, it's because we didn't communicate it. So, we could blame ourselves for that. :-) Also, if there were times when we might have requested something foolish, or due to our lack of knowledge, we didn't request something, then in the future, feel free to be more assertive and say whether you recommend it or not. (But this critique might be irrelevant as well. :-)

Who would you recommend to have a website created with me? I would phrase it as we would recommend you to those people who, like us, are inclined towards "traditional" values. The topic and the target audience didn't call for a "shiny and flashy" website, and we noticed that you prefer working on something like that as well. (Of course, you might shine in that too! :) So, we would recommend and will recommend it gladly to those who want to sell traditional products (e.g., books, cosmetics made from natural materials, organic products, folk art products, etc.) or showcase an individual or group that aims to represent timeless values.

At the website of the painter Krisztina Tánczos, presenting the quantity and quality of the paintings posed a challenge. In seeking a solution, we aimed for compromises that provide the website visitors with a sense of completeness.

Not only does the website contain hundreds of paintings but also an event calendar, and Krisztina Tánczos's own graphics and poems as well. Navigating through the vast content is made easy with the built-in search function.

The website is a fitting reflection of the personality and artistry of Krisztina Tánczos, the painter. As for a young artist, the body of work is naturally expandable, and the owners can manage it's content.